What is pickleball: Where to play in your area

The USAPA website is a great resource to find out where you can play pickleball. Our 1,600+ ambassadors and more than 21,000 members continually update the Official USAPA Places 2 Play website with the latest information about courts in their area. As of 2017, we currently track nearly 6,000 known pickleball locations with and average of approximately 90 new locations added each month.

We encourage you to visit the the Official USAPA Places 2 Play website to find the courts nearest to your location. Use the provided Search box to search by city, state, zip code or location name.  You can also search geographically by clicking the Map link.



Learn more about pickleball

Part I: The basics

Part II: A game for everyone

Part III: Brief history of pickleball

Part IV: The layout of the court

Part V: Pickleball equipment

Part VI: Appropriate apparel

Part VII: Places to play pickleball in your area

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