Grant Impact




The USAPA grant committee is proud to share the ongoing results of grant programs and highlight the contributions of our grant corporate sponsors. The grant programs continue to facilitate the advancement and growth of pickleball in our local communities. The grant reimbursement program allows communities and high schools to invest in the sport of pickleball. USAPA members, through membership activities and events, pick up the cost of the new location’s first net and startup equipment.



Pickle-Ball, Inc. has sponsored the USAPA grant programs since 2010. Pickle-ball, Inc. provides the grant recipients an option to receive wood paddles and balls at no cost. From the inception of the community grant program in 2008, Pickle-ball, Inc. has donated over 4660 paddles into our pickleball communities. In 2018, Pickle-Ball, Inc. donated 884 paddles and 44 balls through the USAPA grant programs.
Please contact the USAPA grant committee if you wish to become a USAPA grant equipment sponsor.




The following are selective comments and pictures from members who were awarded a USAPA grant.

USAPA member: Duane St. Clair, Columbia, MD

Howard County School System has received 7 nets, 25 paddles and 30 balls that were partially paid for with the grant funds. They plan on teaching students at all age levels how to play pickleball in physical education classes.

Getting young people to learn and enjoy pickleball is one of the main goals of our Pickleball Association. Supplying the equipment to the schools was essential because the schools don’t have funds for this equipment.
Our members contributed money to partner with the grant money to buy enough equipment to supply all the schools interested in pickleball.





USAPA member: Sarena Peace, Stephens, Arkansas

“This grant has been a wonderful boost for our facility. Our membership has doubled and more people from our area are able to play. We’ve been able to introduce some youngsters and even some church youth groups to this amazing sport. We now have enough nets on our courts to accommodate all the increase. Thank you so much for helping us to grow this sport in southwest Arkansas.

USAPA member: Is (Dawn) Kari-Ladd from Weatherford, Texas

“First of all, community is very engaged in learning the sport. Even my tennis friends! I’d say half of my members are tennis players. Last Tuesday it rained here so I saw more come into the church for some recreational and physical activity. Everyone seems to get along so well. It’s very enjoyable being here. It’s spreading and the amount of Players I have on my list here in Weatherford has reached 34. In nearby cities I have 20-30 more, if they choose to drive the half hour to play with us. Everybody is very appreciative and grateful I am here. They say almost very time they’re glad they do not need to drive over to FT. Worth to play! “Thanks for starting this IS!” Everyone has great ideas how to run it and help with set up and taking nets down. On Wednesday this week I got approached about starting an indoor pool with tennis courts and Pickleball recreational site here in Weatherford! NOW THAT’s EXCITEMENT!”









USAPA member:  Vicki Bruce from Brenham, Texas

“The USAPA community grant made a huge difference in promoting pickleball in Brenham.   We started out with 8 players (ages 50+) playing at our local high school tennis court.  When tennis season rolled around we no longer had access to the outdoor courts and found an old elementary school gym that was not being utilized.   The only problem was there were no nets.   The grant helped us purchase a net to get started and as our group grew in numbers we were able to pitch in and purchase additional nets and balls.   Our numbers have grown from the original 8 players to our current 38 players.   The majority of those who have come out to our introduction to pickleball clinics have become members of our club and continue to bring new people.   Everyone seems to enjoy the fun and fellowship as much as the exercise pickleball provides.   We have become more like a family and have social gatherings in connection with our play times as well as outside of playtimes.   Attached are some pictures of several free clinics we have offered as well as a round robin tournament and a Christmas party.  We have a once a month “Dink and Dogs” nite where we play dink games and grill hotdogs.  It is one of the members favorite nights.”


USAPA member:  Donna M. Keim from Corvallis, Oregon

“We now have pickleball at a location that had never even played it before! We hope to begin hosting pickleball tournaments for staff and students in the entire Corvallis School District as fundraisers for College Hill. The pickleball tournament this last 2 weeks introduced at least 22 new people that had never played before and made the ones that do play VERY EXCITED we have the equipment now.”




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