USAPA-AAU Recreational Pickleball


The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) recently announced that the sport of pickleball has been added as one of AAU’s official sports with and recreational pickleball play opportunities soon being offered through their U.S. districts. As an extension of AAU pickleball programs, USAPA and AAU have formed an official alliance and are working  together on co-branded recreational pickleball leagues and tournament designed to grow the game among junior and adult players.  A special $5.00 USAPA “recreational membership” will be available through the AAU pickleball website.  These memberships, combined with the full AAU membership will allow participants to compete in the new co-branded programs.  USAPA and AAU representatives are currently working together to finalize league concepts for both junior and adult play and the information will be added to a corresponding Program Handbook designed to help league directors and coordinators with their programs.  Details will soon be distributed through USAPA and AAU once the programs are finalized.  For complete details on the USAPA-AAU alliance, click here.



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