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sanction-logo Thank you for your interest in sanctioning your tournament with USAPA!  Before completing this application, please read: Requirements for USAPA Sanctioned Tournaments.  Once your sanction application has been approved by the USAPA Tournament Coordinator, the Sanction Fee can be paid via the USAPA Store. Before you complete this form, you understand that starting Jan. 1, 2016, ALL players in a USAPA sanctioned tournament MUST be USAPA members. It is also very important that you provide an answer for each REQUIRED question. Even if the question doesn't apply, please say "NA". Failure to provide all answers will mean your form will not send.

Finished? Before you hit the Submit button, please review your form and make sure you have completed all required questions.  If all have been answered, hit the Submit button... you should immediately see a 'Thank You' message saying your application was sent.  If you do not see this message, please review your application and look for questions you may have missed. Provide answers (even if "NA") and then hit Submit.  Until you see the 'Thank You' message, USAPA will not receive your application.

When Will I Hear? All sanction applications are reviewed by the USAPA Tournament Coordinator.  The review process generally takes 1-2 weeks.  If you do not receive notice within 2 weeks, please send an email to: to check the status. When Do I Send Payment?  After completing this application (hit Submit), it will be evaluated by the USAPA Tournament Coordinator. After receiving notice of sanctioning via email by the Tournament Coordinator, you will receive payment instructions and other details. Please do not pay your sanction fee until after you receive notice.

Add to USAPA Calendar?  While your sanction application is under review, you can get your event details added to the USAPA Tournament Calendar now.  Click Here to Complete the Calendar Form.

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