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The Places to Play tool is a free, informational portal that allows players the opportunity to quickly view current places available for play. It is not intended for advertising, sales or product endorsement. Such content will be rejected or edited and the submitter will be notified accordingly. Please fill in all boxes and any comments that are needed for clarity, per “Guidelines” provided. Note: There should only be one location included for each listing.

Be sure to update each listing, once or twice a year so travelers and others looking at information, will know it’s current, by seeing that the “Updated” date is recent.” Even if nothing has changed, you should “Update” the location by clicking on the “Place Name,” then, login if necessary, go to the data entry page and click on “Update Record” button near the top of the page in order to change the “Update” date.

Add a New Location: Click on “Add Another Place Name” (Figure 1: A) on Places to Play page (above the state abbreviations). The next window is for USAPA to send a password to your email address. The password will work for 30 days before requiring you to re-enter. Once you enter the correct password and click “Submit” the data entry page will open. See “Guidelines” provided for entering the information. Click “Add Record” button (Figure 2: B) near the top of the page, when you have all relevant boxes completed. Click on the appropriate state or country and scroll down to see how the listing looks. If you want to change anything, see following instructions, “Edit a Location.”

Edit a Location: Click on the “Place Name” (Figure 1: C) and you will either need to enter your password or, if you are already logged in, the data entry page will open. See “Guidelines” provided for entering information.  Click on “Update Record” button (Figure 3: D) near the top of the page, when you have finished updating.

If you change your mind, and do not want to save the changes, do not click the “Update Record” button, just click on one of the State Abbreviations and you will be taken to that page without saving the changes or changing the “Updated” date or name.

Delete a Location: Click on the “Place Name” (Figure 1: C) and you will either need to enter your password or, if you are already logged in, the data entry page will open.  Click on the “Delete Record” button (Figure 3: E) near the top of the page. You will need to provide a reason. It may take several days for location to be deleted because all deletions must be confirmed by USAPA administration.

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ptp1Figure 1

ptp2Figure 2

ptp3Figure 3



Guidelines for Places to Play Data Entry Fields

Place Name: (50 spaces) This should be the name of the facility, park, or location as referred to on tournament flyers or other official publications. There should only be one location with one address listed under each “Place Name”.

The “Place Name” should not be the name of a Pickleball Club, unless that is the actual name of the facility, and there is a sign with that name, at the facility. Pickleball clubs can be listed under “Communities & Clubs” sub-heading under “Places to Play” tab.  They may also be mentioned under “Comments” and as “Website Link”, if appropriate.

For consistency in sorting, do not use periods with abbreviations in the “Place Name.”

Addr 1: (30 spaces) Street Address. Some parks may have several addresses, if there is a swimming pool, etc. Make sure to get the best address for GPS or Google Maps to direct players where to park.

Closest Cross Street: (30 spaces) This information will not be displayed anywhere. It is used by USAPA for placing the “drop pin” on the Map page. If possible, please list the two closest cross-streets to the location.

State/Province: 2-letter code or 3-letter country code: (3 spaces) It is very important you only use 2 letters for a State/Province Abbreviation. If you use 3 letters, the program automatically puts listing under “International Listings” instead of the State listings. If entering a country, be sure to look at the “3-letter country code” link, to enter the correct code.

Zip-Code: (10 spaces) Enter either the 5 digit zip-code, or add a hyphen and 4 digit extension (or enter the Canadian postal code).

Latitude and Longitude: The map coordinates are added by USAPA within a week or two, which generates a “Map” link and page under the city name, in the “City” column. Note: A new listing will not show on the map until USAPA confirms the location and adds the latitude and longitude.

Contact Person: (30 spaces) Ideally this is a pickleball player who regularly plays at this location and is willing to take phone calls from other players looking for information. If the location is a city facility or business, it’s okay to list the name of appropriate person or put “Staff or person” or leave blank.

Phone #: (12 spaces) for “Contact Person” or facility; start with area code and include dashes. Phone number for facility should be included in “Comment” section, if not provided here.

Email: (50 spaces) for person willing to answer emails, usually the Contact Person. The email address is not displayed on the website. A “Send Email” link appears before the “Comment” section and also on the “Map” page. The name of the “Contact Person” is automatically displayed in the “To” field on the “Send Email” page. When you receive an email, it will say that it is from “,” which is confusing, but when you open the email, the first line will say: “To view address or to reply to the email sender, click Reply.”

Website: (66 spaces) Starting with “www.” enter your website address.  When you click “Add Record” or “Update Record” the listing and the updates can be viewed.  Be sure to test your website link to ensure it works. You should also check it once or twice a year, to make sure it still works.

Number of Indoor Courts (2 spaces) and/or Number of Outdoor Courts (3 spaces) Only list both indoor and outdoor courts on the same “Place Name” if they are in fact at the same physical address such as a public school or fitness center. A city park and a city community center, usually have different addresses, so they should have separate listings.

Specifying the type of courts is important for the map feature. On the “Interactive Map of Places to Play” link (Figure 4) a Drop-Pin map displays with blue “drop pins” for “Indoor”, red “drop pins” for “Outdoor”, green for “Both” and yellow for “Unknown” (there should not be any yellow drop pins).

The map is a great feature to use, especially when traveling. If you click on the drop pin, the “Place Name” and address appear. Note: When viewing the map feature, clicking on any of the two-letter state codes will display the map on all listed pickleball locations in that state.

ptp4Figure 4

Private, Public, or Public—Membership: Choose one and give any necessary details under “Fee” or “Comment” such as daily drop-in fees, if any, for “Public-Membership” facilities.

Estimated number of players: (5 spaces) This should be an estimate of the number of players that consider this site to be their primary playing location. It is used to calculate an estimate of the number of players that play pickleball at listed sites in North America. It should not be the number of players that usually show up to play at any given time.

Playing Schedule: (100 spaces) List the schedule here or under “Comment” if you need more room. Include days and times of drop-in play if possible. If outdoor, include hours of park.

Fee: (100 spaces) List here or under Comments if you need more room. Say ‘free’, ‘no charge’ or leave blank if appropriate.

Comment: (unlimited space) Here are items to consider:

Give hints on how to find the location especially if the address leads you to the wrong end of the park or the address is on a minor street. You can even list a “Navigational Address”, in comments, to enter in a navigational device that will lead you to the parking lot for the courts.

Be sure to include the facility’s phone number, if above field for “Phone #” is used for the contact person, and visa versa; so that it’s easy for a visitor to get information, especially while pickleball is being played and “Contact” may not have their phone on.

If outdoor courts, please include description of the courts: are they dedicated PB courts with permanent nets and lights or mixed-use courts using portable nets?

Are restrooms available? Is any equipment provided?

The Comment section is NOT to be used for promotional purposes. Any references to private/paid lessons, sponsor mentions or solicitations of any kind will result in the removal of the listing.

To Complete Data Entry: Click on appropriate Button near the top of the page
“Add Record”
“Update Record”
To exit without saving record or changes, click on any state abbreviation.

Don’t See Your Listing?  If you do not see your new listing where it should be alphabetically on the State/province/country page,  then click the “Recently Added” link – it should be at the top of the Recently Added List.  Verify that you entered the following correctly with no extra spaces, periods, or letters:  State/Province/Country Code, City name, Place name.

Frequency: Be sure to update each listing once or twice a year so travelers and others looking at information will know it’s current by seeing that the “Updated” date is recent. Even if nothing has changed, you should “Update” the location, by clicking on the “Place Name” to go to the data entry page. Log in if necessary and click on “Update Record” button near the top of the page in order to change the “Update” date.

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