Welcome, Prospective Pickleball Partners!

 Thank you for your interest in the USA Pickleball Association. With the help of our “Pickleball Partners”, sponsorships and contributions given to USAPA help advance the work and mission of spreading the growth and development of pickleball to all ages and abilities. We are interested in partnering with companies that have solid brand images and reputations. A key principle when evaluating a potential relationship is a partner’s ability to help the USAPA raise awareness about the sport and generate revenue for the association.
Here are the three main types of USAPA partnerships:


  1. Brand Affiliation
    Short term, annual or multi-year partnerships that provide advertising opportunities to our partners. Dollars generated help USAPA:

    • Create New Programs
    • Strengthen Established Programs
    • Support USAPA’s Long-Term Priorities

  3. Sponsored Programs
    Corporate involvement in existing programs, which are available to be underwritten. Examples include:

    • USAPA Grant Program
    • USAPA Ambassador Program

  5. Market Promotions
    Corporate involvement in a windowed period of time. Can be a one-time promotion or annual event. Examples include:

    • Sanctioned Events and Outreach Programs
    • USAPA Regional Tournaments
    • USAPA National Tournament

Each partnership type requires a minimum financial commitment. More businesses are realizing the social and economic benefits of strategic nonprofit partnerships. USA Pickleball is very interested in discussing these benefits with you. If your company is interested, we would like to discuss a potential partnership with you.
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