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The USAPA Pickleball Promoters How-to Guide is a collaborative work in progress.


The idea of documenting and sharing pickleball best practices in the form of a How-to Guide was:

  • initiated by Dick Manasseri
  • set into motion by the Great Lakes Pickleball Action Network via the 2009 Regional Plan
  • developed by the USAPA Board and Ambassadors via the USAPA How-to Group and Mini-Plans
  • first edition compiled and assembled by Janet Razz
  • 2nd edition edited and re-formatted by USAPA (2014)


The Mini-Plan template and archive files continue to serve as a useful compendium of best practices for the growth of pickleball. The focus attributes of growth included recreation, competition, communication, publicity and membership.ambassador photo


Various USAPA How-to Group pages and files are being made publicly available here in the USAPA How-To Guide. The purpose of this How-to Guide is to provide a growing sense of community for pickleball promoters as we endeavor to spread the good news about this game we love.


The How-to Guide includes best practices and sample documents. You are welcome to download the attachments and use them to meet your specific needs. There is no sense in re-inventing the wheel, so let’s share about what works well and maybe even what hasn’t been so successful.


The How-to Guide is the result of contributions from collaborators (nearby and across the country) assisting one another in our passion to PLAY and promote the growth of pickleball.  More pickleball = More FUN!!!



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