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Marketing the Recreational and Competitive dimensions of pickleball can be fun too because the pickleball story is unique and the game itself is contagious. The media loves to cover pickleball because it is new and American and kind of “quirky”. It’s a game that can be played by grandmothers and their grandsons. It’s exercise without boredom. And it’s social! But, wait a minute, it can be competitive too! Have you watched videos from the USAPA Nationals or the Tournament of Champions? (click here)

The Publicity Section of the How-to Guide will focus on developing best practices for marketing pickleball via the media, the internet, sponsorships, branding, logos, etc.

The list of Publicity initiatives can include:

  • Getting Media Attention
  • Displaying the USAPA banner and encouraging volunteers to wear their USAPA Member t-shirts as often as possible
  • Acquiring sponsorships from national, regional, and the states/provinces sources for events, tournaments, etc.
  • Developing a generic press kit that can be customized for local use to promote new places to play, clinics, tournament, ladders, websites etc.
  •  FUN Governmental Proclamations
  • Designing logos for geographical areas or individual locations that can be used for branding flyers, t-shirts, etc.
  • Local branding where appropriate, e.g.
  •  Hosting instructional skills clinic prior to tournaments to promote participation
  • TEAMS – Travel Events And Management in Sports & CVB – Convention and Visitors Bureaus


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