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  • Providing member-only discounts for tournament/league registration fees for USAPA Showcase Events. If a player can see, on a single calendar, several tournaments that offer a total of $10 – $20 in discounts for USAPA members, the decision to become a member is an easier decision, particularly if the player can join as part of the registration process for the first event.



  • Having membership tables available at events so that players can complete the registration/renewal forms and write checks for memberships that will be batched and forwarded to the USAPA – Click Here for Membership Table ideas.


  • Having Internet connections available at events where possible, so that players can register/renew online.


  • Stressing family and junior memberships at events targeted at Mixed Generational Pickleball.


  • Welcoming new members in the region via email pointing them to the regional and state websites and inviting them to get involved in activities.


  • Encouraging via email members approaching their membership expiration date to renew for multiple years and reminding them of the regional as well as national USAPA membership benefits.


  • Developing a collection of email lists of players within the region.


  • Developing a regional e-newsletter that complements the USAPA e-newsletter and draws attention to resources available at the national, regional and state websites.


  • Inviting players to review the USAPA website as an example of the value of the USAPA and then inviting them to become members.


  • Monitoring Places-To-Play in your Local Area to ensure that the information is correct.


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