Summer 2015 Board Member Update

It has been a busy summer for your USAPA Board. Each month the board meets via a phone conference to discuss the business of the organization. All board members serve a two year term with half the board positions being open each year. As you can see from the list below, our board members come from all over the country, East to West and North to South, which gives all parts of the country representation. If you have a question for the USAPA Board, please visit our contact page.

USAPA Board Members and Committee Responsibilities:

President – 2014-2015 David Jordan (St. George, UT)
Vice President – 2015-2016 Jack Thomas (Scottsdale, AZ)
Ambassadors – 2014- Jack Thomas (Scottsdale, AZ)
 Secretary – 2014-2015 Laura Patterson (Winston-Salem, NC)
Treasurer – 2015-2016 Darryl Noble (Fort Myers Beach, FL)
Legal Counsel, Grievance – 2014-2015 Phil Mortenson (Seattle, WA)
Media Relations 2015-2016 OPEN
Ratings – 2014-2015 Chris Thomas (Palm Desert, CA/The Villages, FL)
Tournaments – 2015-2016 Gigi LeMaster (Surprise, AZ)
Rules – 2014-2015 Dennis Dacey (Fallbrook, CA & Surprise, AZ)
Grants – 2014-2015 Norm Davis (Surprise, AZ)
 Training – 2015-2016 Linda Laymon (Surprise, AZ & RV)
Membership – 2015-2016 Charles Batt (Franklin, TN)
Advisor to the Board Mark Friedenberg (Seattle, WA & Surprise, AZ)

Positions and status are as follows:

  • President – will return
  • Ambassadors – will return
  • Secretary – will return
  • Legal/Grievance – will return
  • Rating – will return
  • Rules – will return
  • Grants – will be vacated at the end of the year and resumes are now being accepted for anyone interested in this position. Please send to
  • Media – is presently open and resumes are being accepted at

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