Lower Extremity Injuries: Things to Consider to Stay Healthy!

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Lower extremity injuries are extremely common in Pickleball, as the sport requires various movements in multiple directions including running, sidestepping, cutting, jumping (and therefore landing), and back pedaling. All these movements place participants at high risk for non-contact injuries, which can vary from minor (such as a small muscle pull) to severe (such as an ACL tear).

The biggest predictor of future injury is a history of a prior injury. It is therefore important for Pickleball players to acknowledge the demands of this growing sport, and realize that preparation is the only effective way to prevent injuries. Incorporating a routine that promotes injury prevention is the key to keeping players on the courts longer and playing Pickleball in a safer way!

3 keys to preventing lower extremity injuries:

  1. Mutiplanar Training: there are 3 planes of motion: sagittal, frontal, and transverse. Most people cross-train in the sagittal plane, but most injuries occur in the transverse plane. It’s essential to cross-train in all 3 planes to best prepare for Pickleball play. More details in the next issue of the USAPA Magazine.
  2. Dynamic Warm-Up and Cool Down Routines: everyone knows how important it is to properly warm-up, yet no one seems to do it. Pickleball is so addicting that players drop everything to go play, in this case at the expense of their health. In addition, performing a cool down routine is also vital in helping the body recover and prepare for your next session.
  3. Consulting a Physical Therapist if you have pain. Many players play through pain, and this is not productive and will be detrimental to your game in the long run. Finding a qualified Sports Physical Therapist can make a huge difference in decreasing your pain and making your movement more efficient on the court!

Don’t miss the next issue of USAPA Magazine for more information on Injury Prevention! 

Noe Sariban is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional through the IPTPA, and a USAPA Rated 5.0 player sponsored by Engage Pickleball. Please visit www.thepickleballdoctor.com for more information on injury prevention and rehabilitation tips. Noe started his website to provide Pickleball players around the world with a reliable and free source of information. Please like his Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pickleballdoctor) for updates and new information.

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