Washington, DC Region’s First Indoor Pickleball Facility Will Open in the Spring

The nation’s capital features some of the most iconic buildings and historic structures in the country and while many are fascinated with the political landscape the area portrays, many are also becoming enamored with pickleball.

Locally-owned and operated Pickleballerz, recently signed a lease to become the Washington D.C. region’s first-ever dedicated indoor pickleball facility. The company will open its almost 20,000 square-foot facility in neighboring Chantilly, Virginia this coming Spring.

Pickleballerz will feature a state-of-the-art six-court facility for players of all abilities to hone their skills, socialize, and be a part of an inclusive community within the fastest-growing sport in America.

Presently, there are no other facilities in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area that offer indoor courts solely dedicated to the sport. Makeshift and temporary pickleball courts are rapidly increasing to meet the demand, with pickleball only currently being offered on marked or portable courts at recreational centers, tennis facilities, senior centers and multi-sports complexes. These courts are typically gym floors, wood or asphalt, whereas Pickleballerz will be providing USAPA-preferred indoor pickleball courts that enhance the playing experience. These specially cushioned floors are designed to ensure superior traction while being less stressful on players’ knees and other joints.

Pickleballerz will offer members and non-members a comprehensive assortment of activities including drop-in play, competitive and recreational pickleball leagues, instructional classes, adult and children’s clinics, tournaments, socials, hosting birthday parties and more.

“We couldn’t be happier to pick Chantilly as Pickleballerz’ first location in northern Virginia and we are so excited to begin our buildout,” said Pickleballerz co-owner and local Fairfax County resident Beverly Raelson, a USAPA member.

Raelson, who operates the company along with her husband Greg, a retired naval officer, recognizes the need for suitable year-round pickleball courts in a region where the sport is gaining in popularity. “We are thrilled to be able to provide a sporting and fun atmosphere like nowhere else, where pickleball players in the community can gather, play, and share memorable experiences on actual pickleball courts no matter what the weather is outside,” said Raelson.

Pickleballerz will be open to the public as well as offer membership options for special court and activity rates. Pickleballerz will also be offering a very limited number of “Charter Ballerz” VIP memberships during their pre-opening phase. Charter Ballerz members will receive a special membership rate and perks not otherwise available.

To learn more about Pickleballerz, Charter Ballerz membership, please visit www.pickleballerzusa.com or contact info@pickleballerzusa.com.


L to R: Beverly Raelson, Jeffrey Raelson, and Greg Raelson


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