USAPA Referees Stay ‘In Tune’

Just how do the 200 USAPA certified referees stay ‘in tune’ during the Covid-19 restrictions when there aren’t any tournaments to referee?  They connect via conference calls.

Each Wednesday in April the USAPA certified referees participate in a conference call on a different topic.  Starting on April 8 and continuing through April 29, the certified referees cover such diverse topics as the new and improved Casebook, a newly authorized supporting (dual) referee format for tournaments, how to conduct an Advanced Training Session for referees who aspire to be certified referees, and how to rate newly trained referees as a Level 1 or Level 2 referee.

Led by certified referees Rum Schaefer, Don Stanley, Teri Carter, and Bob Unetich, respectively, the topics have been well received and attended.  So well attended, in fact, that Mark Peifer, Director of Officiating, is in search of a different conference call platform because the referees have exceeded the capacity of the existing platform!

The sessions are recorded, however, so referees who can’t attend at the scheduled time may listen later.  Any USAPA member can listen to the recorded sessions by getting a hold of their registered trainer or another certified referee for the link.

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