USAPA Juniors Shine Bright at the 2019 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships

Kyle Stoddard

Junior pickleball players know the excitement of earning medals at tournaments but few have the skill and talent to win multiple medals at a single event.  Several players at this year’s 2019 Margaritaville USAPA Pickleball National Championships have earned that unique distinction.

G Nicholas Golowich, Kyle Stoddard S Xavier McCorchuk, Nathan Tang B Wyatt Stone, Porter Barr (3)

Our first featured player who captured a total of three medals at the 2019 Nationals is Kyle Stoddard.  Kyle won Gold in Junior Singles, Junior Boys Doubles and a Silver in Junior Mixed Doubles. Georgia superstar Nicky Golowich totaled three medals which included a Bronze in Boys Junior Singles, Gold in Boys Junior Doubles and Gold in Junior Mixed Doubles.

Juniors’ Alli Phillips – Caden Nemoff won two medals including a Silver in the 19+ 4.0 Mixed Doubles, while 12-year-old Anna Leigh Waters continues her stellar play winning Gold in the Women’s Doubles Pro with her mother Leigh Waters.

Livvy Phillips and Porter Barr

Livvy Phillips, age 17, won Gold in the Junior Mixed Doubles with her partner Porter Barr and then secured a Silver in the 19+ 3.0 mixed doubles with her partner Eric Wheeler.

G LeEllen Lane, Taylor Crabtree, S Bella Boudreau, Gabbi Boudeau, B Livvy Phillips, Morgan Brown

Apart from the Nationals, our juniors are also winning medals at prestigious tournaments around the country as seen at the recent Atlanta Open.  Nashville product LeEllen Lane, who was featured in our first Junior Spotlight, along with her partner Noa Geyne (older than a junior) took Silver in 19+ 4.5 women’s doubles.  LeEllen and her mixed doubles partner Ari Roodhuyzen (older than a junior) took home a gold medal in 19+ 4.5 Mixed Doubles. 




The future of pickleball does indeed look bright with our USAPA juniors leading the way.

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