Featured Activity from the Youth Pickleball Playbook – Four Square!

Pickleball Four Square is a great game for kids, families and adults. Four Square can be played on a court, blacktop, gymnasium and lines can be easily created with painter’s tape or sidewalk chalk. This is a perfect activity for social events, driveway play and even for adults waiting to get on a court. Play starts with the player in the lowest square serving the ball into any of the squares. The serve must be hit underhand and easy to return. Rallies need to be hit upward and continue until an error is made. The player that makes the error rotates out to the on-deck spot and all other players advance one spot closer to the top square. Check out more activities like this one from the Let’s Play Youth Pickleball Playbook. The playbook will be a benefit to the new Youth Program Provider membership that will be coming soon! Order your playbook today at https://www.usapa.org/recplay-resources/


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