Development of Junior Program with the USAPA Takes Center Stage

USAPA Juniors are often referred to as “the future of pickleball.” However, there is still a widespread perception that pickleball is for seniors only.  Except now, with an estimated 3.5 million pickleball players in the U.S. alone, you see more and more kids playing pickleball. To support the enormous growth of pickleball, the USAPA Board added a junior pickleball program to their planning process in 2018 and added juniors to their strategic plan.  Bob Nibarger will be the new Director of USAPA Junior Ambassadors.

With that addition, there will now be a stronger focus to support a redesigned junior program.  Steve Manolis, a longtime promoter of juniors, provided a comprehensive outline of what the new education program would look like.  The new program will provide various tools and resources to those who teach the sport.  Schools, clubs, churches, parks & recreation departments and other available facilities and outlets will soon be able to request and receive lesson plans, videos and other tools to enhance their curriculum.

A copy of Steve’s presentation at the recent 2019 USAPA Ambassador Retreat hosted at Club Med in Florida is available on the USAPA Juniors website at Please send your ideas or questions to To contact Steve Manolis directly for questions regarding our education programs, send him an email at


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