April USAPA Ambassador Update

At this time, we would like to recognize three Regional Directors who have unselfishly volunteered their time over the years to the USAPA and who have recently made the decision to retire from these key leadership positions. Along with those announcements we will be welcoming the gentlemen who will take over these roles.

From the Mid-South, Tom Burkhart has served his region with great enthusiasm. After twelve years as the Regional Director Tom has built the Mid-South to include 214 Ambassadors. His leadership and team building methods have shown us each year the region’s welcoming southern tournament hospitality filled with excitement and warmth.

Replacing Tom is a well-rounded individual, Greg Guse from Mansfield, TX. Greg comes in from the Ambassador program with a lot of experience managing local tournaments as well as a strong background in recreational programming. If you are from this great region look forward to continued service from Greg as he leads the charge in the Mid-South.

Moving over to the Atlantic South, Bill Hess as Regional Director has been proud of the tournaments that have been held in the region and especially the growth in the numbers of exceptional Ambassadors. Currently there are 255 volunteers working to help develop programs across the Atlantic South, and he has been grateful to all those who are supporting the program.

Following in Bill’s footsteps is Walt Hooker who is no stranger to the Ambassador ranks or the enrichment of pickleball activities he has been involved in leading, creating and developing. Walt is from Flagler County Florida where the warmth of the sunshine state gives rise to an abundance of pickleball play. The Atlantic South is left in capable hands to move forward with more rewarding pickleball play.

Lastly, stepping down in the Great Lakes Region is Keith Wolverton. Keith leaves his region with 132 Ambassadors set in place and newly developed districts in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. He has been very instrumental not only as the Regional Director but as a dynamic team player in the development of several of the Ambassador Program manuals that we now use.

Stepping in as interim Regional Director is Mike Fritsch who will be moving up from the Assistant Regional Director position. Mike is currently the tournament director of the Great Lakes Regional Championship and has been working hard to continue to make their next event one to benefit the entire region.

On behalf of the Ambassador Program and the USAPA we thank these gentlemen who have served and those who are willing to serve unselfishly in these very important positions to help move the USAPA to the next level.

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