USAPA Universities Receive Glowing Comments From Students

With the conclusion of the two back-to-back USAPA Pickleball Universities this past January, final grades are in. All students received outstanding instruction on how to improve their games and received passing grades and their graduation certificates. Both classes were completely full with 48 enthusiastic students from around the country learning new skills, techniques and strategies.  Our past Universities have featured outstanding instructors like Rob Elliott, Scott Moore, Rodney Grubbs, Sarah Ansboury and many others. The University follows an 8:1 student-instructor ratio which leads to excellent teaching and training.  Under the lead instructor’s guidance, other highly qualified instructors are recruited for unparalleled teaching and training at our Universities.

What makes the USAPA Pickleball Universities so unique and special is its approach to the two days of clinics and the ability to offer a variety of instructors.  Although the instructors follow the same guidelines and teaching techniques, their unique delivery and style varies, offering the students an opportunity to learn from different instructors during their University experience.

For those of you that have not attended one of our USAPA Pickleball Universities, we encourage you to be on the lookout for information regarding upcoming Universities in 2020. We offer 4 days/3 nights stay at a resort hotel which includes two full days of pickleball instruction.

The USAPA Pickleball University experience is more than just the sport of pickleball. There  are evening receptions which enable everyone to mingle and eventually foster new friendships. Our instructors join the students for breakfast, lunch and dinner offering even more pickleball knowledge away from the courts.  One of the highlights is a fun-filled graduation ceremony with an instructor challenge pickleball event. If you have attended one of our last three USAPA Pickleball Universities you have received one of our University-logo shirts. So, if you see your opponent at an upcoming tournament wearing one of the USAPA Pickleball University shirts, you may want to get ready for some good pickleball action.

The USAPA Pickleball University is under the direction of Pat Murphy, USAPA Board Member/Training Chair and David Jordan, USAPA Board Member/ Past President.


At the conclusion of the 2018 USAPA Pickleball University in Colorado Springs, two of the students penned the following pickleball poem:


There are pickleballs very elite,

You kept us busy on our feet.

We learned to dink and to volley

and to hit those drop shots,

But most of all to avoid that folly.

Don’t enter the “kitchen”

Unless you are going to cook.

Learn to follow the rules,

So, buy the book.

Thank you for the drinks and food

You’re all a very special brood!!

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