Learning to Play – Basics


The best way to learn pickleball is to take lessons from a USAPA registered pickleball teacher or certified pickleball instructor. Check with your local pickleball club, school or community recreation department for scheduled clinics. To get started, however, click on the following for an overview of the rules of the game. Then read each section and watch the videos to view some of the best players and teachers in the country teaching the basic strokes of pickleball.


Pickleball Basics


  a:  Rules Summary

            b:  Scoring & Position

    c:  Serving

    d:  Return of Serve

    e:  Dinks

    f:  Drop Shots

    g:  Groundstrokes

    h:  Volleys

    i:  Lobs

    j:  Overhead Smash

    k:  Judging a Ball ‘In’ or ‘Out’

    l:  Tips for New Players

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