USAPA Doubles Ladder Leagues

This page provides helpful software options for those looking to set up and manage pickleball ladder leagues.  In addition to the USAPA ladder league software below, ladder league captains can now enjoy TrackitHub and Pickleball Global for their ladder league administration.


trackithub pickleball global

TrackitHub is a free, automated program that helps clubs run ladder-leagues (shootouts), organize their players, manage club events and even run city-wide leagues.  It calculated and tracks scores in real-time and within each skill level.  Scores are instantly updated and can be viewed by all players.  TrackitHub is endorsed by USAPA and you can open your free account today.



Pickleball Global is the first pickleball network, combining social profiles for pickleball players with every competition option a club could need to organize play. Players can organize flex leagues or team leagues, among other events, and is highly customizable. Pickleball Global is endorsed by the USAPA and membership is free!



USAPA Ladder Software

USAPA provides free doubles ladder league-management software and website space for local clubs and communities that want to conduct ladder leagues in their area. 

USAPA Ladder Software Update – The current UPAPA ladder league software is not compatible with USAPA’s new MemberLeap member software system (implemented Dec. 2016).  Existing ladders established before Dec. 2016 should continue to operate ‘as is’ without issue. 

However, users who wish to create new ladders or add to existing leagues will need to use a newer version of this ladder league software found at  Likewise, existing ladder captains/managers looking to reassign their ladder to another captain/manager may not be able to do so. If so, you will need to create a new ladder league using the updated software.

CLICK HERE TO OPEN & USE THE UPDATED LADDER SOFTWARE  Ladder captains are also encouraged to try the TrackitHub or the Pickleball Global software options for their ladder leagues.



Format: Doubles ladder. You don’t need to have a partner.

The format provides for the maximum amount of flexibility for the players. Players may enter or leave a ladder at any time or miss a week or more because of their schedule as long as they inform the ladder captain before the schedule is made out for the upcoming week.

The format is designed so that players mostly play others of similar skill level. The ranking is based on the winning
percentage (ratio of points won to total points possible). Players will move up or down the ladder based upon their winning percentage. The results of the ten most recent weeks will be used for the calculation.

More Information and a General Description of the Ladders and Operation

Program Documentation for Ladder Managers

USAPA members may click here to create a new ladder using the updated ladder software


Tutorial/Demo: A demo is available so that prospective ladder managers can review the features and operation of the ladders.  Click here for a Flash tutorial. This is a large 385 KB file. It requires the Free Adobe Flash Player available here.

Click here for a web page version (if you don’t have the flash player and prefer to not install it)

Need Ladder Help?  If you are interested in setting up a new ladder or if you are a current ladder captain and have a
question with the USAPA ladder software, please Click here.


Sample Ladder Scorecard/Scoresheet: For those looking for a sample scoresheet, the following was developed by USAPA member Wayne Bullock (St. George, UT). Click here, or the image below (pdf) to see samples.  Sample rules are included as well. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please know that this sample sheet should only be used when the ladder program is set up for 21 points per game on the ladder configuration page.

scorecard thumb







ladders buttonThe above ladders are active and created prior to Dec. 2016.

Newer ladders created after Dec. 2016 using the software will not appear on this list. Players in these ladders can search for their ladder by Clicking Here.


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