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Place Name City State Courts Comment
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1 Yugi-Higashi, Citizen Center
Lat: 35.634246
Lng: 139.421540
111-1 Kashima Hachioji-Shi, 192-0353
JPN Indoor: 3
Player Est: 100
Phone: 09047585690 Schedule: Varies Fee: 200-500 JPY  Send Email  Website Comment: If you ever want to play pickleball here in Japan, you can contact Makoto Sato, Director of Japan Pickleball Association,
We will love to have you in Japan !
Facility Phone: 042-675-5911

Updated: 2017-10-03 by Daniel Moore
Place Name City State Courts Comment
Total Players 100 (Reported: 100, Calculated @ 20/court: )
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