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Place Name City State Courts Comment
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1 Tamuning Christian Fellowship
Lat: 13.496818
Lng: 144.775765
555 Gov Carlos Camacho Rd., 96913
GUOutdoor: 1
Player Est: 4
Contact: Edward Perez Phone: 671-777-1370 Schedule: Daily inquire times (closed 6 Jun-17 Jun) Fee: Free - donation appreciated  Send Email Comment: On church campus but open to the public for pickleball upon request. Group is friendly and welcoming to locals and visitors alike. 1 court with net and permanent lines. Call so we can set up net. Paddles and balls provided (limited) along with shaded area, table and chairs, BBQ pit upon request. Safe, clean restrooms available. Night play possible with portable lighting. Bring your own water. Call for info and times. Updated: 2017-05-28 by Edward Perez
Place Name City State Courts Comment
Total Players 4 (Reported: 4, Calculated @ 20/court: )
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