USAPA Southwest Regional: Tournament Recap

It’s always nice to wrap-up on Sunday after a weekend of great pickleball. That’s exactly what happened here in El Mirage for the USAPA’s Southwest Regional Tournament. While there were big winners such as Kyle Yates who won five gold medals and Stephanie Lane capturing four golds, we saw a lot of multiple medal winners like Carolyn Bagley, Doris Albert, Ann Peterson, Steve Wong, and Justin Rodgers. If you won multiple medals and we missed you, we apologize. Here are full results from this year’s Southwest Regional Tournament. Thanks to for all of your support this year.

Junior Boys Doubles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Junior Boys Doubles Age Groups Juniors Boys Doubles (Age 10-13) Jack Munro-Chandler Ritt  
Junior Boys Doubles Age Groups Juniors Boys Doubles (Age 14-18) J.j. Stone Jr.-Carter Ritt  
Men’s Singles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Men’s Singles Age Groups 19+ Kyle Yates  Travis Kruse  Eitan Weisner 
Men’s Singles Age Groups 35+ Ken Greene  
Men’s Singles Age Groups 50+ Tom Morrison  
Men’s Singles Age Groups 55+ Ron Chang  John Edmonds  Mario Najera 
Men’s Singles Age Groups 60+ T Pontis  Paul Frederickson   
Men’s Singles Age Groups 65+ Ron Robinson  Gary Kruse  Dave Pike 
Men’s Singles Age Groups 70+ Tim Gleason  Bill Sherman  Burn Barnett 
Men’s Singles Age Groups 75+ Dan Holleman  
Men’s Singles Age Groups 80+ Fred Eggen  
Mens Doubles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Doubles Age Groups 19+ Kyle Yates-Darin Hurdman  Jotham Darrin-Jason Munro  Dan Geenen-Travis Kruse 
Mens Doubles Age Groups 35+ Scott Stone-Steve Wong  Pat Kane-Justin Rodgers  Steve Froese-Larry Lam 
Mens Doubles Age Groups 50+ Tom Morrison-Steve Ricke  Chris Gallagher-Ray Tennison   
Mens Doubles Age Groups 55+ Mario Najera-Troy Horton  John Grasso-Ron Chang  John Edmonds-Don Cantrill 
Mens Doubles Age Groups 60+ Mike Crabtree – Dennis Carter  David Zapatka – Don Simmons  John Craft – John Koestner 
Mens Doubles Age Groups 65+ Pat McKenny – David Gibbs  Lance Thiede – Rick Reed  Gary Kruse – Don Lippert 
Mens Doubles Age Groups 70+ Jack Cavanaugh – Don Johnson  Paul Hoggatt – Vic Avery  Bob Carl – Tim Gleason 
Mens Doubles Age Groups 75+ Don Walker-Earl Hill  Dan Holleman-Bill Lafave  Richard Northup-Norm Davis 
Mens Doubles Age Groups 80+ John Sproehnle-Fred Eggen  
Mens Doubles Open
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mens Doubles Open Kyle Yates – Darin Hurdman  Scott Stone – Steve Wong  Pat Kane – Justin Rodgers 
Mixed Doubles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 19+ Stephanie Lane-Kyle Yates  Jean Bowman-Travis Kruse  Jeanne Stasny-Eitan Weisner 
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 35+ Heidi Wong-Larry Lam  Peggy Raymond-Leon Gordon  Cathy Turchan-Dan Geenen 
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 50+ Dianne Zimmerman-David Zapatka  Sj Lehmann-Marc Sommer  MJ Shin-Bill Marshall 
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 55+ Marsha Freso-Byron Freso  Dalonna Cooper-Dennis Carter  Ann Peterson-Rich Peterson 
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 60+ Doris Albert-Mel Meinert  Norma Kaping-Bill Mason  Robbi Chiappini-Paul Hoggatt 
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 65+ Linda Hoggatt-John Grasso  Carolyn Bagley-Rick Reed  Rusty Adams-Mike Hamilton 
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 70+ Nancy Harvey-Ron Stiers  
Mixed Doubles Age Groups 75+ Pauline Avery-Richard Northup  Virginia Troester-John Sproehnle   
Mixed Doubles Open
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles Open Stephanie Lane – Kyle Yates  Steve Wong – Mona Burnett  Melissa McCurley – Justin Rodgers 
Women’s Singles Age Group
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Women’s Singles Age Group 19+ Sara Ash  
Women’s Singles Age Group 35+ Stephanie Lane  Jeanne Stasny   
Women’s Singles Age Group 50+ MJ Shin  Kathleen Brundo   
Women’s Singles Age Group 55+ Mona Burnett  
Women’s Singles Age Group 60+ Doris Albert  
Women’s Singles Age Group 65+ Carolyn Bagley  Fran Myer  Rusty Adams 
Womens Doubles Age Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Doubles Age Groups 19+ MJ Shin-Sara Ash  
Womens Doubles Age Groups 35+ Heidi Wong-Nokki Kasuwan  
Womens Doubles Age Groups 50+ Jan Yu-Linda Dillon  Cathy Turchan-Gloria Smith  Eileen Koestner-Kat Smith 
Womens Doubles Age Groups 55+ Dalonna Cooper-Ann Peterson  Doris Albert-Julie Kanouse  Peggy Raymond-Cathy Fuller 
Womens Doubles Age Groups 60+ Carolyn Bagley-Sandy Crabtree  Snake Jackson-Linda Laymon   
Womens Doubles Age Groups 65+ Linda Hoggatt-Gail Dacey  Judy Graves-Rita Weihe   
Womens Doubles Age Groups 70+ Donna Quaife-Ann MacEachron  
Womens Doubles Age Groups 75+ Mary Ann Mitcham-Rosemary Brown  
Womens Doubles Open
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Doubles Open Women’s Doubles Open Stephanie Lane-Gigi LeMaster  Heidi Wong-Sara Ash  Dalonna Cooper-Ann Peterson 

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