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For USAPA-Sanctioned Tournaments, the USAPA has adopted the rules for IFP-Sanctioned tournaments as defined in the Official Tournament Rulebook of the International Federation of Pickleball. These sanctioning rules are designed to be used only for the conduct of USAPA-sanctioned tournaments. A USAPA-sanctioned tournament allows players to be ranked on a national basis. Non-sanctioned tournaments may also use these sections as guidelines.

Tournament directors for non-sanctioned tournaments may be flexible in the use of these guidelines to better fit the skills, ages, and diversity of their players. The USAPA enthusiastically encourages these non-sanctioned tournaments to promote knowledge, growth of the game, skill development, and having fun while playing pickleball.

For details on creating and running a tournament, please see our Tournament Director Guide.




Liability and Participant Accident Insurance

USAPA has a General Liability Policy and Participant Accident Policy (PDF) that provides the required liability coverage for all USAPA-sanctioned tournaments in the U.S., so long as the tournament director receives advance sanctioning approval from the USAPA and follows USAPA rules.  In addition, all USAPA members will receive secondary accident insurance up to $25,000 for medical expenses ,with a $1,000 deductible, for injuries incurred while playing in a sanctioned tournament.  Tournament Directors may also request a certificate for proof of insurance (PDF) if it is required by the owner of the venue. The certificate should be requested at least 30 days before the start of the tournament. A certificate will be issued after receipt of the sanction/insurance fee. To help defray the significant cost of this insurance, the USAPA has instituted a tournament sanctioning fee based on the following schedule:

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    • Tier 5 – $50
    • Tier 4 – $50
    • Tier 3 – $75
    • Tier 2 – $100
    • Tier 1 – $125


For most tournaments, the fee will amount to less than $1 per player. The fee will apply to all tournaments that are sanctioned from July 1, 2010 forward. Tournaments that have already been sanctioned will not be subject to the fee but may still receive the benefits of this insurance coverage. The fee must be paid prior to receiving sanctioning.

Certificate of Insurance Request Form (PDF)
Use this form if the venue owner requires a certificate of insurance for your sanctioned tournament.

Requirements for USAPA Sanctioned Tournaments

Online Application for Tournament Sanctioning

Tournament Director Guide

Sample Registration Form (Word doc file)  (need to modify for your tournament)

Results Reporting Form
This form should be used for reporting results for all tournaments except when using USAPA tournament software or other approved software. If using approved software, report the results in the tournament brackets.

Official USAPA Scoresheet (PDF file)

Round-Robin Scoresheet (MS Word Format)
This link is an MS Word document for recording the results of round-robin matches. The spreadsheet is laid out for 3 or 4 players, but there can be more players by adding additional columns and rows. List the players as indicated in the sample. All the players across the top play the players listed on the left. Post the number of points scored under the names of the players. They can be added up at the bottom. All players (in singles) or teams will play each other. All matches will be played with the same number of games for each match. i.e., 1 game to 15, win by 1, or 1 game to 21, win by 1, or 3 games to 11, win by 1 (1 or 2 games to 11 is not permitted, all 3 games to 11 must be played even if a player/team won the first two games). The player/team winning the most matches is declared the winner. If two or more teams are tied for the medal, the player/team winning the most points will be declared the winner of the tie.

Note: If you use the Round-Robin Scoresheet, you will also have to fill out the “Form for Reporting Results of Non-Sanctioned Tournaments” (located at the top of the USAPA Results page) in order to get the results posted and points awarded.

Tournament Software Options
USAPA strongly encourages tournament directors to use either:
USAPA Tournament Software  or

Both assist in creating brackets and results can be filled in online so that results and the filled in brackets are published instantly. Tournament directors of larger tournaments, those with 100 or more entries, should consider using the software as it provides a number of great options and event documentation.


Contact the USAPA Tournament Coordinator for additional information:  Send an e-mail inquiry

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