Calendar Fee Information

As of January 1st, 2015, non-sanctioned tournaments are required to pay a fee of $25 for listing their tournament on the USAPA Tournament Calendar (this fee does not apply to USAPA sanctioned tournaments). For an additional $25 fee, the listing can also include a link to a tournament website and an attachment for a flyer and/or tournament registration form.


Any tournament that requires all players to be USAPA members will also be exempt from the posting fee (this will be added as a note on your calendar listing).  Any tournament currently listed on the USAPA calendar will be grandfathered into the Tournament Schedule/Calendar and remain as now posted.

Click Here to View the Calendar Form             * Click Here to Pay the Calendar Fee


USAPA sanctioned tournaments who wish to be on the calendar now but will apply for their sanctioning at a later time must pay the calendar fee when submitting their calendar information. However, once the sanctioning application is approved, the calendar fee will be credited toward their sanction fee.


Non-sanctioned tournaments not listed on the USAPA calendar are required to pay a fee of $25 for posting results.
Click Here to Pay the Results Posting Fee


* Calendar fee can also be paid by check.  Please mail to:
Calendar Fee
PO Box 7354
Surprise, AZ 85374
(please include the tournament name on the check)


USAPA Right of Refusal: USAPA reserves the right to refuse to sanction tournaments, list tournaments on the USAPA website/calendar, or accept advertising where a tournament director has:

  • Not complied with USAPA policies or rules
  • Disparaged the USAPA
  • Created deceptive or confusing forms, advertising or promotional materials wrongly implying or stating USAPA involvement in the tournament or making other factual misstatements that could mislead players on significant matters.  This includes duplicating major USAPA tournament names, with terms such as “National”, “Regional”, etc. where USAPA deems the term is in direct conflict with an existing USAPA event.



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