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When running a pickleball tournament, USAPA highly recommends tournament directors use tournament software.  To assist, the USAPA provides tournament management software and web site space for local clubs and communities that would like to conduct local tournaments. This is a free service for USAPA members.

This software is very flexible in assigning names to your events and it is highly recommended that you use this software in setting up and publishing your tournament results. You can use this software even if your tournament won’t be eligible for points. This software will allow online entry of participants, although at this time, money still has to be sent in to the tournament director. It will also make the draws and post the draw sheets to the USAPA web site for all to see. Results and scores can be entered into the draw sheets at the conclusion of the tournament and draw sheets can be printed as often as needed. It will also cutoff entries by participants after the deadline for entries has passed while allowing the tournament director to add any necessary entries.

It is the option of the tournament director to allow players to register online or the tournament director may elect to enter the names in the same form from registrations that are received by mail or email. Software

In addition to the USAPA tournament software, tournament directors (especially those running larger tournaments with 100 or more entries) should consider using the software.



USAPA Bracket Maker Program

Should you elect to use the USAPA tournament software, after player names are entered, the bracket maker program can be used to seed players (teams) and create double-elimination tournament brackets for each of the age or skill level divisions. The program will create brackets for up to 32 players or teams within a division. The brackets are published to the USAPA website and can easily be printed for display at the tournament site. The printing looks best when printed in landscape mode on legal-size paper, but may also works well on standard-size paper. Results may be published to the USAPA website by filling in the game results on the brackets.  Following their event, tournament directors using the USAPA tournament software can Send Tournament Results Here.

For information about editing results online or offline Click Here.



A demo is available so tournament directors can review the features and operation of the tournament software.  Click here for a Flash tutorial. This is a large 245 KB file. It requires the Free Adobe Flash Player.

Click Here to see a sample Round-Robin Scoresheet (MS Word doc)


Ready to Decide on Your Event Software?

After looking at both the USAPA tournament software and software, tournament directors should have a good understanding of which ones works best for them.

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