Basics – Volleys


  1. A ball hit in the air before it bounces onto the court during a rally.
  2. It is often used when at the NVZ line to return a ball hit hard and low over the net.
  3. May be hit forehand or backhand; backhand is more common.
  4. No backswing — hit in a blocking motion with the paddle face square (vertical) to “push” the ball over the net.
  5. Hit away from your opponent to make him/her reach.
  6. To hit the ball deeper, open the paddle face slightly to give the volley a little more loft.


2 Videos:

Click here for Pickleball Channel 411 Improving Volleying (Scott Moore)

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Pickleball Basics

a: Rules Summary

b: Scoring & Position

c: Serving

d: Return of Serve

e: Dinks

f: Drop Shots

g: Groundstrokes

h: Volleys

i: Lobs

j: Overhead Smash

k: Judging a Ball ‘In’ or ‘Out’

l: Tips for New Players

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