2020 Participation Requirements and Pre Reg. Opportunities

2020 Participation Requirements & Pre-Registration Opportunities for the USA Pickleball National Championships


2020 Participation Requirements:

To participate in the 2020 USA Pickleball National Championships at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, all participants must:

  • Participate in a USAPA Regional Tournament or a Tier 2 or higher USAPA sanctioned tournament between July 15, 2019, and July 15, 2020 (a complete list of qualifying tournaments will be listed here soon).  While players can earn pre-registration status by winning a gold medal (skill/age) or gold/silver/bronze (Open/Sr. Open), the USAPA National Championships DO NOT count as a qualifier for upcoming USAPA National Championships. All players earning pre-registration status at 2019 Nationals MUST also play in at least one of the 2019-2020 qualifying tournaments in order to be eligible for the 2020 National Championships.
  • Open event entrants must have a minimum of a 5.0 USAPA Tournament Player Rating (UTPR) by July 31, 2020. Events may open up to 4.5 UTPR rated players, depending on participation levels in each event.


2020 Pre-Registration Opportunities:

Pre-registration is available to the following:

    • All Medalists from the 2019 USA Pickleball National Championship Open & Sr. Open (50+ & 65+).
    • All Gold Medalists in any age/skill event from the 2019 USA Pickleball National Championships.
    • All Gold Medalists in a Tier 1 USAPA Sanctioned Tournament between July 15, 2019, and July 15, 2020.
    • All Gold Medalists at any USAPA Regional Tournament held between *July 15, 2019, and July 15, 2020.  In the event that brackets are combined, medals may be issued to category winners but pre-registration opportunities for 2020 Nationals are only to the combined bracket winners.
* with the exception of the 2019 USAPA Great Lakes Regional Tournament.  Due to a timing matter, this tournament (played June 28 – 30, 2019) is this regions qualifier for the 2020 USA Pickleball National Championships.


Registration Notes

  • Players with pre-registration invitations will be limited to one event of the same type per Gold Medal. For example, if a player wins a Gold at the Great Lakes Regional in ladies doubles, that player will receive a pre-registration opportunity for ladies doubles (Note: it doesn’t have to be the same skill or age).
  • Players with pre-registration invitations must meet the participation requirements listed in ‘Tournament Details’ above.
  • Players with pre-registration entry will receive an invitation before July 15 and must accept and register by July 25.
  • Partners of players with pre-registration opportunities who have not met participation criteria may not pre-register.
  • The UTPR in effect at the time the player register for the 2020 National Championships WILL BE USED. Despite the automatic UTPR update scheduled for Oct 1, UTPRs for players registered in the National Championships will be the same UTPR the player had at the time they registered.  Players may appeal UTPR’s to the ratingsadmin@usapa.org prior to registration closing. Any appeal would apply to your partner as well. Therefore if you appeal, your partner has to be eligible to still play with you as a result of that appeal.  The tournament director reserves the right to approve the appeal decision by the USAPA ratings admin.
  • With the lottery system in effect, players are to have paid and be registered with paid partners by 8/7/2020.  Registration will be open from 8/1 – 8/7 and then a lottery will be drawn 8/8 with players being notified by 8/22 if they are in the tournament. Any spots left after the lottery will be given priority based on being registered and paid with a registered and paid partner.

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