4th Annual Pickleball Tournament for Maine Cancer Foundation and Tri for a Cure — List of Entries

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Player #1 Player #2
1MD3.0N. Lemieux1
2MD3.0M. Caldwell2
3MD3.0R. Woodbury3
4MD3.0M. Russo4
Player #1 Player #2
1MD3.5L. Sanangelo1
2MD3.5C. Davis2
3MD3.5F. Gagne3
4MD3.5T. Boston4
5MD3.5B. Gray5
6MD3.5C. Page6
7MD3.5J. Hutchison7
8MD3.5A. Leathers8
9MD3.5C. Einsiedler9Xx Yy
10MD3.5S. Beal10
11MD3.5N. Buiniskas11
12MD3.5C. Humphrey12
13MD3.5K. Moquin13
14MD3.5F. Hurd14
15MD3.5R. Mahoney15
Player #1 Player #2
1MD4.0M. Raiche1
2MD4.0D. Leaver2
3MD4.0J. Lightbody3
4MD4.0C. J. Iadonisi4
5MD4.0M. Bozorgnia5
Player #1 Player #2
1MD4.5P. Hawkes1
2MD4.5M. Rocheleau2
3MD4.5R. Clark3
4MD4.5J. Capozza4
5MD4.5R. Rowse5
Player #1 Player #2
1WD3.0A. Hanson1
2WD3.0J. Collins2
3WD3.0T. Buiniskas3
4WD3.0K. Stawarz4
5WD3.0R. Dick5
6WD3.0L. Grocki6
7WD3.0M. J. Gould7
8WD3.0K. Millick8
9WD3.0J. Mcfarland 9
10WD3.0A. Vanderlinden10
11WD3.0L. Parise11
Player #1 Player #2
1WD3.5P. Montana1
2WD3.5N. Johnson2
3WD3.5V. Gagne3
4WD3.5S. Baskin4
5WD3.5T. Rice5
6WD3.5J. Tupper6
7WD3.5S. Colby7
8WD3.5S. Bussell8
9WD3.5C. Hutchison9
10WD3.5J. Davis10
Player #1 Player #2
1WD4.0B. Russo1
2WD4.0R. Vongsawet2
3WD4.0G. Yong3
Player #1 Player #2
1WD4.5G. Federico1
2WD4.5L. Einsiedler2